Thursday, December 21, 2006

IN A STYLE RUT? Wardrobe Revamp

Need a little help and want to freshen up your look? The best way to do this is to take key elements of the top trends of the season, adding in classic pieces and using what feels good on you. There's no point in wearing a skirt you hate and can't sit down in for example.

Here is a quick breakdown on what is hot and a couple of ways to intergate them with what you already have for a fast and affordable wardrobe update.

TOP TEN New Fashion Looks for Autumn/Winter 2006/7

1. VOLUME - Cocoon Volume - Balenciaga Sleeves - Big Collars - Baby Doll
If it makes you feel fat then stick to the sleeves or a baby doll you can wear with skinny jeans and heels.

2. DRESSES - Short Dresses - Long Tunics - Waist Cinched Frocks
Dresses are staying around for a while - grab a jumper dress you can wear with opaques or jeans, alternatively a belted long cardigan in charcoal goes with everything this season and is a fun alternative to a thick coat.

3. LAYERING - Skinny Leggings - Tights - Sheer Over Opaque Tops
You know I don't do leggings, but for those that do then fine. Think thin layers though - you don't want to look like you've just scoffed a selection pack.

4. OPULENCE - Baroque Brocade - Gold & Metallics - Fur Trims - Furs
The success of the Primark little gold sequin dress spoke volumes on just how big the metallic trend is. If you're not sure then a skinny metallic or sequin scarf is a good way to bring a plain outfit into this season.

5. MANNISH - Wide Slouchy Trousers
Just remember to wear with fitted blouses/jackets and heels. Not fun to feel wide and short.

6. GREYS - Darkest Charcoals - Light Grey Tones - Monochrome Mix
Speaks for itself - best of all they are neutral so can carry over and everything goes with each other.

7. UNDERSTATED - Sharp Tailored Smart Suits - Trouser Suits
Buy a cut that really flatters then just update with top colours each season to get the most wear from your purchase.

8. MILITARY - Napoleonic Ornament - Greatcoats
I'd give this a miss but it will happen - one sniff from MsMoss and the fash pack will follow. A black greatcoat would look nice with long heeled boots though (check Kurt Geiger for the sort of styles I mean). I'd rather cut off my pinkie than wear this look though.

9. URBAN WARRIOR - Down Parkas - Biker Jackets - Body Conscious Dresses
YAY - I love Parkas - it's bloody freezing here at the moment so being able to be warm and stylish is a plus.

10. COUNTRY - Textured Knits - Tailored Tartan Tweeds - Equestrian
... and NO we don't mean David Beckham in that HORRENDOUS cardigan. I own a Jasper Conran tweed with a frill edge which works well with this trend, just make sure silhouettes are flattering to avoid looking swamped. Never wear tartan trousers unless you want to look like one of the Bay City Rollers.

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